Managing RFQ, RFP and RFI typically involves a series of time-consuming manual tasks.

Organizations can overcome these challenges through RFQ Management with SharePoint, Project Server and PDF forms solution.

On May 29th our team has presented a free webinar on how to manage RFQ with SharePoint, Project Server (PWA) and PDF forms environment to support your communication with vendors.

In this webinar we have shown how to use SharePoint workflow to send RFQ PDF forms to vendors, how they submit their answers back, how manager and buyer can process RFQ responses and place an award.

Not every company uses Microsoft Project and Project Web Access. Nevertheless, this webinar was still very beneficial. Even if Project Server is not there, a possibility to build RFQ management process around SharePoint and PDF forms still occurs.

The webinar was primarily oriented to business users. The following scenario has been covered:

  1. Buyer (Marvin) created a new project in PWA with RFQ Enterprise Template ;
  2. Then he created a new RFQ form and submitted it to selected vendors by e-mail;
  3. Vendors submitted RFQ responses;
  4. Then manager (Luisa) reviewed and assigned an award;
  5. Buyer (Marvin) was notified about award selection.

We have presented our webinar with basic SharePoint workflow. If we did it with SharePoint Designer, you definitely can do it with advanced workflow products like K2 and Nintex.

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