Webinar recording. PDF Share Forms offers bi-directional form field and SharePoint column synchronization, supports digital signatures, workflows, offline and anonymous submission, and many more. Watch webinar recording to learn, what should we expect from Forms vNext.

Watch webinar recording and find answers to these (and many more) questions:

  • Can you create rules that allow controls within the form to only be accessible to certain users, based on SharePoint user permissions?
  • Can you lock a PDF form to read-only once it has been signed?
  • Can your package use data coming from a different SQL database other than being housed w/n SharePoint?
  • Is it possible to add regular expressions on text fields?
  • Is there an API for developers to use?
  • Can the fileds of the form be exported to excel to create a database of the field information?
  • Can the form prepopulate with data when logging in with AD?
  • Can you hide and view sections based on criteria?


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