PDF Share Forms is exited to announce its newest product release. “ PDF Share Forms Information Worker “(PDFSF IW, or just IW) is a new solution for forms integration with SharePoint.It has been developed particularly with all information workers in mind. Being evenly and even more powerful compared to previous product versions, IW offers simple and clear user interface and user experience. Now it is even easier to create new forms from scratch or reuse existing ones.

Main benefits of PDFSF IW are:

  • Easy to create new forms by just converting other documents to PDF fillable forms. Business users can now REUSE many form formats
  • Built-in PDF FORM VIEWER, so even Adobe Reader no longer has to be installed
  • Bidirectional synchronization between form fields and the SharePoint Columns
  • Support for ATTACHMENTS with type and size control
  • ANONYMOUS or PUBLIC submission – distribute forms outside your SharePoint, collect data instide your SharePoint
  • OFFLINE and MOBILE support
  • Form STAGES support – control what part of the form is available on what business process stage
  • Ability to allow customers to save form DRAFTS for larger forms
  • EXPORT results TO EXCEL table with one mouse click
  • WORKFLOW support – native SP Designer as well as third party workflow solutions
  • Connection to exteral databases

Now companies’ IT departments can fully rely on this matured and secured solution based on the PDF and SharePoint ecosystems. The product is specifically designed to be accessible and intuitive for information workers, hence the name of the product. Works with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2016.

The newly added form features which make our new IW product unique will be announced and discussed in details in our upcoming newsletters.


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