The PDF Share Forms Developer and Integrators training course covers advanced programming topics of PDF Share Forms related to customization of the forms, workflow and integration with third-party systems in SharePoint environment. All attendees will have a chance to become proficient in creation of advanced forms, using workflow actions, programming in server-side and client-side events, digital signatures, and using PDF Share Forms web services for integration in custom solutions for SharePoint.

Training session is delivered as a 3 hour interactive GoToWebinar with a teleconference facility, and is led by our leading training experts.


  • Events concepts
  • SharePoint server events in real life
  • Client events and PDF limitations
  • Working with Data Sources
  • Integration with digital signatures
  • SharePoint Business Connectivity Services
  • Workflow actions in Action
  • Integration with web-services
  • Common SharePoint developer mistakes
  • Step by step complex form example
  • Troubleshooting of your forms
  • Office 365 integration

Regular price for individuals is $750.00

Special offer!

First 50 attendees will receive free admission to the training. Don’t be late! Register before September 26th (including) and get this training session at no charge (subject of availability – limited seats)!

All the free seats are taken already! You may register to get your special price with 50% discount now!

Attendees registered after the September 26th will get a 50% discount.
Training will be held on October 2nd at 09:00 AM PDT


5 thoughts on “PDF Share Forms for SharePoint Developers and Integrators (updated)”

  1. Not precisely, the training is designed for professional developers and integrators who already have good knowledge of SharePoint as well underlying software concepts. It is concentrated on PDF Share Forms product and its integration and customization with third parties and gives overview of programming techniques that might be useful to make it work best.

  2. Just registered! This looks like a great opportunity to learn more about PDF Share Forms. On a side note, I didn’t get prompted to be billed or that I would be billed later. Does this mean I was able to get one of the free seats? If so, that is AWESOME!

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