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PDF Share Forms is one of the best smart forms solutions for SharePoint. Our product is a strong alternative to InfoPath and custom app development. PDF, being an ISO standard, is a perfect fit for fixed layout forms that look and feel the same both on mobile and desktop devices. Document management automation empowered by PDF Share Forms that supports digital signatures and workflows brings your business one step closer to the paperless office. User friendly drag-and-drop design makes form creation process very accessible to non IT professionals. PDF Share Forms can use existing PDF forms as templates for new forms, significantly improving document management processes. Normally, a user would access the form via shareable link and fill in the form in the browser. Link can be made public for anonymous submissions. When a form is submitted – the information is extracted from the form and is synchronized with SharePoint

August 13, 2013. PDF Share Forms has released new version of its award winning product — PDF Share Forms Enterprise for SharePoint 2013.

PDF Share Forms 3.0 for SharePoint 2013

PDF Share Forms Enterprise ver. 3.0 is the most complete tool set and unprecedented level of PDF integration into the SharePoint 2013 on premise. It offers automatic bi-directional synchronizations between form field and SharePoint columns.

PDFSFTemplateDesignerThe combined power of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and PDF Share Forms provides a viable and much more cost-efficient alternative to the Adobe LiveCycle server. It helps customers to switch, without losing most of their investment in form redesign, preserve most of the form functionality and bridge the gap between the legacy systems and SharePoint. Existing enterprise forms could be easily created from the scratch or converted to PDF from all known formats, such as Word, Excel, InfoPath, etc.

Thanks to PDF format your forms are always printing-friendly. It is not even required to alter established business processes significantly because it is also possible to use the same form design for an electronic PDF form and paper form.

Main features

  • Import existing PDF files
  • Static (acro) and dynamic (XFA) PDF form support
  • Offline mode support
  • Anonymous form submission for public websites
  • Digital signatures
  • Workflow support (Microsoft, Nintex, K2)
  • Mobile device support (e.g. iPad client runtime)
  • Web-based form Designer and field mapping tool
  • Interactive rule builder
  • Integration API and C# and JavaScript customization

8 thoughts on “PDF Share Forms Enterprise for SharePoint 2013 has been released”

  1. We would like to create a PDF from an item in a list via workflow and send that pdf via email to a user.
    Basically the flow looks like this:
    Create a PDF from item > save PDF into library > email PDF to a user

  2. Is is possible to fill the data from the SharePoint list and send a fillable pdf to the customer using ninex workflow

    1. Hi Sojan

      By default PDF form is saved and synchronized with SharePoint library, since it is a file. Meanwhile, library is a kind of list, where files are stored, so, technically form is synchronized with a list. Also you can use workflow, different data sources, like BCS, or server side logic to build different business processes. And yes, we do support Nintex – actions for Nintex workflow are bundled. You can read, update or create a form using workflow.

  3. Thanks for the reply,
    My scenario is bit different, I have word document template (doc template is not needed if I can update the pdf template fields directly from nintex). Once I fill the document with the SharePoint data I convert the doc template to pdf using nintex. But the pdf created is not fillable. So I just need to know if it is possible to create a fillable pdf. I don’t want to store the pdf that is created. Just need to send to the customer by email (nintex) and they will fill the pdf and send it back to me.

    Hope you can help

    1. Hello Sojan

      PDF Share Forms allows to work with PDF fillable forms. So, you need to convert your word documents to PDF forms, deploy those using built-in PDF editor, and start working with them. Nintex and SharePoint Designer workflow actions allow you to send form as attachment, filled in form is saved to the library automatically. When you got data and processed it, you can easily delete files if those are not required. You can get your free trial version by contacting our sales team by filling in online form here:

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