The combined solution provides organizations with an end-to-end solution for fully automated form-based SharePoint processes.

PDF Share Forms LLC is proud to announce its partnership with ARX (Algorithmic Research), the leading global provider of standard digital signature solutions for industries including life sciences, AEC, and government.

PDF Share Forms for SharePoint enables businesses to create and manage PDF forms in Microsoft® SharePoint® without the constraints of HTML forms. It is the only solution of its kind that enables integration of industry standard PDF/XFA form format with the Microsoft SharePoint platform and free Adobe Reader. Many organizations use PDF Share Forms to extend their forms with bi-directional PDF fields mapping to SharePoint columns, integrate with Business Connectivity Services and workflow solutions, support external SharePoint data, and customize scripting to assure high quality performance.

CoSign® by ARX is the most widely-adopted proper digital signature solution, used by millions of professionals around the world to securely automate signature-dependent processes.  CoSign signatures fully comply with the strictest regulations and technical standards, ensuring the security and integrity of the digital signature and of the signed document. They can be applied to any of the most popular document types and easily verified by any recipient for signer identity and intent, and content integrity, without the need for proprietary verification software. By automating signature-dependent processes with CoSign, users are able to cut costs, shorten process times, and increase efficiency.

The combined PDF Share Forms and CoSign digital signature solution makes it simple to manage signing processes that involve any number of signers while maintaining the integrity of electronic forms and signatures. Watch a demo to see how the integrated PDF Share Forms/CoSign solution works.

Dmitry Ivahno, PDF Share Forms CEO, said: “Support of ARX’s CoSign digital signatures in our PDF Share Forms solution opens huge opportunities to businesses all around the world. Now corporate users, partners, and customers are able to authenticate their personality while sending data directly from PDF form to SharePoint environment”.

”We’re very pleased to partner with PDF Share Forms,” said Cairy Meller, Director of Business Development, ARX. “We’re confident our joint customers will be very happy to gain the most from their investment in automation by keeping their signature-dependent processes paper-free and efficient.”

About ARX

ARX (Algorithmic Research) is the leading global provider of standard digital signature solutions with dominant market share in the life sciences, government, and AEC markets. Millions of signers at security-minded businesses and government organizations around the world have made ARX CoSign® the most widely-used proper digital signature solution. The cost-effective solution effectively streamlines and secures mission-critical signature-dependent processes. It is the only proven digital signature system that fully complies with strict technical standards, industry and geographic regulations, and business requirements across vertical industries. CoSign’s flexible design gives users the freedom to choose and control their workflows, procedures and policies, as well as their document-related applications and systems, whether off-the-shelf or homegrown, in the enterprise or the cloud.

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