Here is what Adobe Reader on mobile devices can do with PDF forms and how it all can be integrated with SharePoint:

The two great technologies — PDF forms and SharePoint — have limited integration out of the box so far. Fortunately, PDF SharePoint overcomes this obstacle:

First, it allows you to integrate PDF forms with the SharePoint platform, so you can fill-in forms with free Adobe Reader;

Secondly, you can configure synchronization of PDF form fields with SharePoint columns, so you can use the submitted data in workflows, search, and sorting.

PDF SharePoint can now be accessed on mobile devices thanks to Adobe Reader X for mobile devices — Android and iOS, including iPad and iPhone. PDF SharePoint also supports PDF Expert Enterprise for iOS devices.

On April 10th, Adobe announced the release and update to Adobe Reader for iOS and Android devices. In the version prior to 10.2, there was no PDF forms support at all. Now PDF SharePoint has integration with both Adobe Reader 10.2 and PDF Expert Enterprise.

One of the clear benefits of Adobe Reader is that it is free for your iPads, iPhones, or Android devices.

There are some limitations though. For example: it supports submissions of PDF forms by e-mail only and it does not have support for dynamic forms (also known as XFA forms).

While Adobe promises to add more features to PDF form support, PDF SharePoint tested and certified that its solution works with what is currently available in Adobe Reader 10.2.

Currently Adobe just added a basic form support. If you need complex javascript validation, then PDF Expert will be able to help you better. PDF Expert is a different product for iPad devices.

Adobe Reader supports only form submission by e-mail. PDF Expert can submit form by HTTP Post and by e-mail.

These and few other differences when using either Adobe Reader 10.2 or PDF Expert Enterprise application are listed in the table below:

Adobe Reader 10.2:

PDF Expert:

  • Supports Basic Form
  • Works for simple form without validation
  • Submits form by e-mail only
  • Perfect for Offline cases
  • Works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Requires Document Library Incoming e-mail configuration
  • Submits as HTTP Post
  • Assumes connectivity
  • Requires PDF Expert
  • Works on iPad devices only
  • Supports complex validation with JavaScript
  • SharePoint administrator can modify Confirmation pages

PDF Expert comes in both Standard and Enterprise editions. PDF Expert Enterprise features also include:

  • Centralized user/device management
  • Push documents to iPad devices
  • Briefcase with document templates
  • Efficient document launching on iPad
  • PDF annotations
  • Support of encrypted PDFs
  • Digital signature provisioning
  • AdHoc digital signature
  • and many others

Adobe Reader 10.2 is a free application while PDF Expert (Non Enterprise) is $9.95 in App store. Currently PDF Expert Enterprise is licensed on per user subscription model.

Last month, we held a PDF Forms on mobile devices webinar, where some business cases were displayed. Watch the recorded webinar to find out more about PDF SharePoint forms on mobile devices, as well as configuration settings and a Q&A session.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions. We would love to hear from you!

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