PDF Share Forms W-4 IRS formHave you ever found yourself designing similar or identical forms over and over again? We have all been there. Does it really have to be this way all the time?

It does not!

PDF Share Forms professionals want to show you how the international standard document type can help you to replace proprietary form formats. We will REUSE existing PDF form, make it interactive and synchronize data with SharePoint library.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Reuse an existing form
  • Integrate existing form fields with SharePoint environment with a minimal effort
  • Create a form from a content type template
  • Calculate field values
  • Make a form ready to print
  • Submit data directly to SharePoint
  • Sign with a digital signature
  • Automatically fill-in fields and use data prepopulation
  • Empower your Information Workers with “IT free” tools
  • Replace InfoPath




2 thoughts on “How I stopped designing from scratch and learned to reuse existing forms”

  1. Looks interesting. I have a ton of paper forms in the office that I need to digitalize and I reeeeeeeeaaaaly don’t want to redesign them.

  2. InfoPath replacement you say? I would love to reuse a structured document like PDF instead of designing my forms in InfoPath. Count me in!

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