Microsoft Edge now has almost all the necessary features required to replace 3rd-party PDF reader software.

To be fair, Microsoft Edge has supported PDF documents for a long time. However, it only had a narrow set of features that led customers to pick alternative products to cover all of their needs to work with this document format.

Luckily, starting with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709), Microsoft Edge is receiving a number of critical improvements that now can make third-party PDF readers redundant for basic tasks.

New PDF-related features in Microsoft Edge

Car Incident report PDF form in MS Edge browser

  • Access table of contents
  • Zoom in/out and rotate documents
  • Switch between one or two page layouts
  • Drawing on the document and highlighting text
  • Adding and saving comments
  • Integration with Cortana
  • Filling PDF forms

The last feature – Filling PDF forms, is very important. Since the end of support of browser plugins, including Adobe Reader plugin, Microsoft Edge was inferior to Internet Explorer in the department of handling PDF forms. Now thankfully to Fall update Microsoft Edge is in the forefront again. It is nice to see Microsoft addressing one of the bigger flaws of the browser. More and more vendors embrace the importance of PDF and support the format.