This week, May 21 to May 23, one of the biggest SharePoint events of the year is happening in Las Vegas – SharePoint Conference North America. We expect to hear a lot of news and announcements about SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint in general.

Yesterday, one of the first slides from keynote session showed some impressive SharePoint stats.

  • 400 000 organizations use SharePoint
  • There is 200% growth in storage usage
  • 70% of all SharePoint users are in the cloud

SharePoint usage stats SharePoint conference North America 2018


For the remaining 30% of users that are still on SharePoint Server products Bill Baer of Microsoft posted a quick update about SharePoint server 2019 on SharePoint community blog.

What you can expect from SharePoint Server 2019


According to Bill Baer: “SharePoint Server 2019 has a new, modern design that works perfectly across screens—whether you’re working with tablets and phones, laptops, or desktops – it’s beautiful and fast, familiar, and yet intuitive. SharePoint Server 2019 gives you instant access to the people, content, and apps you work with the most. You’ll spend less time searching for information and more time working with it. SharePoint Server 2019 helps ensure that you have access to the information they need, regardless of the screen you choose to access it on.”

User experience in SharePoint Server 2019

Microsoft in on a path of standardizing user experience across server and cloud products. Most of the improvements to document libraries, lists and navigation are coming from O365 and SharePoint online. It is clear that Microsoft is cloud-first in their approach and this is backed by the statistics from a keynote presentation.

These improvements include the introduction of Communications Sites, Team News, and modern Team Sites to include Lists and Libraries and in support of broader data mobility the Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) support for reliable access to your documents – anywhere, anytime.

SharePoint Server 2019 Team Site on a PC and mobile device side-by-side


Platform enhancements and hybrid scenarios

Continuing the trend of hybrid scenarios that started with SharePoint 2016 we can certainly expect more native support for integration with SharePoint online that can be configured during deployment of the product. Microsoft acknowledges that migration to cloud can be tricky when various mission-critical processes are deeply rooted in SharePoint server. To help with that Microsoft is investing in improvement of workflow automation and custom application development technologies such as Microsoft Flow and PowerApps that can connect to your on-premises data.

Key Features

  • Modern Sites, Pages, Lists, and Libraries
  • Team News
  • SharePoint Home
  • Communication Sites
  • OneDrive Sync Client
  • Improved hybrid support and scenarios
  • New developer options
  • Improved support for business process with PowerApps and Flow


Release information

SharePoint Server 2019 will be generally available to customers in the second half of 2018.  SharePoint Server 2019 Preview will be available to customers in Summer 2018.

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