Will PDF Share Forms offer SharePoint 2013 integration?
Yes. SharePoint 2013 is one of the most awaited solutions and industry and user interest is very high. Trying to meet our customer expectations, we started to work under SP2013 version over a year ago and now are finalizing testing process.

Will PDF Share Forms solution be available via the SharePoint Store?
Yes. You’ll find PDF Share Forms in the SharePoint 2013 Online Store and in Microsoft’s private app catalog for SharePoint 2013 on premise when it will be available.

Will PDF Share Forms add capabilities or add to SharePoint 2013 out-of-box features?
Yes, including capabilities which are unique to PDF Share Forms. Thanks to enhanced native support for PDF file format in SharePoint 2013, PDF form integration will become even better. Here are some of the native capabilities: Ability to print to PDF directly, search PDF files, open PDF file without saving them on your machine , etc.

When will PDF Share Forms showcase its SharePoint 2013 capabilities?
You are warmly welcome to Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, where we’ll demonstrate new version of PDF Share Forms.

Do I need SharePoint to run PDF Share Forms software?
Yes. PDF Share Forms is tightly integrated into SharePoint and offers comfortable and well known user interface for all SharePoint users.

Will PDF Share Forms extend onto mobile platforms?
Solutions, based on PDF Share Forms Enterprise, supports mobile platforms right now, and we’ll continue to innovate in this area. With PDF Share Forms you can use PDF forms on Google Android and Apple iOS based devices, such as smartphones and tablets. We have support for Topaz Signature pads as well.

What are the timelines to roll out this first releases for 2013?
PDF Share Forms product has tight integration with various 3rd party products, which includes but not limited to Nintex, ARX CoSign, K2, Topaz Signature Pads. To ensure full feature operability, we have to test PDF Share Forms Enterprise for SharePoint 2013 with all 3rd party components. PDF Share Forms Enterprise should be delivered in February 2013.

How does PDF Share Forms extend and add value to SharePoint?
First of all PDF Share Forms Enterprise enables support for PDF forms and bi-directional data synchronization between SharePoint columns and form fields. Users are able to deploy existing form in minutes or create new form within built-in full featured PDF form Designer. Thanks to deep integration with workflow solutions from Microsoft, Nintex, and K2, we extend SharePoint to deliver as a collaboration automation platform. To summarize our added value here is a listing of what users can do:

  • Work in SP from start to end, via browser
  • Design forms intuitively, using WYSIWYG and drag-n-drop concepts
  • Create and reuse custom forms
  • Expose PDF forms anywhere on virtually any device

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