Main focus of November 2017 Information Worker update for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 was user experience improvements both during installation and directly working with the product.

We have received a lot of customer feedback about installation process and product configuration was not very intuitive. Fully reworked setup and configuration wizard offer significantly improved experience.

New features and improvements

  • Added additional validation and warning in situations when user closes document with unsaved changes.
  • Fully reworked installation and configuration wizards in SharePoint Central Administration.
  • Added intro video when user opens Dashboard for the first time.
  • Added basic signature certificate which can be used after trial period expiration.
  • Fully reworked user interface in Dashboard.

Product dashboard makeover.

PDF Share Forms Information Worker 4.2.1 release - redesigned dashboard

Many design elements were taken from PDF Share Forms Cloud product. Since both products are basically twin brothers it only makes sense to have a consistent streamlined design between both products. What is also new is that that users get to see a quick product introduction video when they open Dashboard for the first time. It provides basic information need to create your first form in PDF Share Forms Information Worker.

Each tab in Settings now has more description text and links to knowledge base and support.

Full list of new features, updates and fixes of November 2017 update for PDF Share Forms Information Worker

PDF Share Forms Information Worker 4.2.1 release - digital signatures settings

About PDF Share Forms Information Worker

With PDF Share Forms Information Worker, complex SharePoint forms became more user friendly. Now business users can manage the entire form life cycle on their own. In the same time, IT departments can fully rely on matured secured solution based on PDF and SharePoint ecosystem. The product is specifically designed to be accessible and intuitive for information managers. There are two versions of Information Worker – for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Main features of the product:

  • Automatic form field data extraction and synchronization with SharePoint document library columns.
  • Use SharePoint lists or external databases as data source for cascading dropdowns, filter data in real time.
  • Web-based PDF viewer that allows working with SharePoint forms in any browser and on any device.
  • Web-based PDF form editor – you can create a form from scratch or import existing document.

A true cross-platform solution! No limits to the forms you can create. Get all the benefits of PDF forms – fixed layout, easy to print, perfect document type for long term archival.

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