Microsoft has not revealed much about SharePoint 2019 apart from that, the preview will be available around mid-2018 and release is late 2018. We are going to collect all tidbits about SharePoint 2019 and update this article as more information becomes available.

Confirmed information, speculations and expectations

Ron Grzywacz of Microsoft in his blog post has outlined a few key features of SharePoint 2019 that we can definitely expect:

  • Next-Gen Sync Client support
  • Modern UX throughout the product
  • Flow/PowerApps integration
  • Other SharePoint Online innovations

You can sign up for a private beta (TAP) through your partner or technical account manager. However, not all applications will be accepted.

More information is probably coming this May at the SharePoint Conference North America, where Jeff Teper, Microsoft corporate vice president for Office, OneDrive and SharePoint, will be speaking.

What Microsoft MVPs say

Most information that we know about upcoming SharePoint Server 2019 comes from Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), rather than from Microsoft itself.

Microsoft MVP Roger Haueter shed some light about support of InfoPath in SharePoint 2019 among other things in his blog. InfoPath 2013, now deprecated, is still supported.

Hub Sites, a feature that pulls contents both from Communication Sites and Teams Sites that was announced at Ignite 2017, will not be supported by SharePoint Server 2019. However, Team News and Communications Sites will be supported, says Haueter.

Haueter also mentions that SharePoint Server 2019 will have support for PowerApps. Microsoft has repeatedly presented PowerApps and Microsoft Flows as successors, but not necessarily replacements, to InfoPath and SharePoint Designer.

PowerApps is mobile-first product for developer, enabling them to create Web and mobile aps from templates and connectors. Microsoft Flow is a workflows solution for Microsoft ecosystems.

More Confirmation

Further confirmation of InfoPath still being available in SharePoint Server 2019 comes from acclaimed Microsoft MVP Vlad Catrinescu. In this Crow Canyon Software Ignite 2017 recap Vlad stated,” we know for sure that InfoPath will be back.”

He also pointed out that PowerApps could be used in hybrid scenarios with SharePoint server 2019.

Similarly to Haueter, Catrinescu shared that he also believes that the new Hub Sites feature would not be available for SharePoint Server 2019.


Since it is unlikely for Microsoft to drop some knowledge bombs on us before SharePoint conference North America, your best bet to stay updated on the latest SharePoint 2019 news is to follow your favorite SharePoint MVPs and check this article for updates.

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