It’s been a long time coming but word on the street is that we can expect to see Internet Explorer 9 by the end of the month, with rumblings suggesting both March 14 launch and March 24 as the launch date.

Currently there are conflicting reports on release dates of Internet Explorer 9. Some say that IE9 will be release on March 24 at India TechEd; alternatively Download Squad claims that cites other sources really close to the issue, the IE9 would be launched earlier, at the SXSW conference on March 14. The official occasion is to “Celebrate the Beauty of the Web.”

IE9 has been downloaded some 36 million times according to Microsoft, which added that IE9 has a whopping 0.65 per cent of all worldwide browser users.

Considering HTML5 and CSS3 features that IE9 has, it is exciting to see companies using IE9 for SharePoint projects as well. Latest IE9 RC works great with our SharePoint 2010 development and test environments. We also didn’t hear any serious complaints from few customers who were testing IE9 RC with SharePoint 2010.

It is important to stress that, by default, most SharePoint 2010 master pages have the following meta tag in them:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

This locks the page to displaying in IE8 rendering even in IE9. In some of our tests we changed this meta tag to IE=9. Our tests showed few UI issues with “New Item” dialog, minor issues with border in SharePoint 2010 ribbon.

Currently if you want to use new HTML5 and CSS3 features you will have to make sure tweaks to SharePoint pages. Alternatively we will have wait for a service pack release of SharePoint 2010, which hopefully will fix most of UI issues in SharePoint 2010.

Our product, PdfSharePoint, uses HTML5 features in the designer when configuring fields attributes. Definitely looking forward to enjoy Pdf forms designer in IE9 when it is released.

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