How to enable offline form support

How to enable offline form support

Who do need an offline PDF form data submission

If your organization uses PDF forms for the collaboration with external users and they do not have access to your intranet, than you do need to have support for the offline forms. With PDF Share Forms Enterprise you may setup anonymous data submission directly to the SharePoint library or make a form deliverable via e-mail. Submitting through the e-mail is also unbeatable way of mobile collaboration with your remote workers or customers — PDF form could be filled-in on Apple iPad or Google Android devices and sent to the server via mail only.

e-mail setup optionsBasic e-mail support

By default SharePoint is able to receive incoming e-mails and store attached files in the corresponding library. To enable this functionality go to the „Library setting”, then „Incoming e-mail settings” and enter e-mail address.

Please note! You need to have a mail server configured and Incoming Email Settings setup correctly to use e-mail submission option.

Now all the attachments sent to the corresponding mail address will be saved in the library.

PDF form setup optionsFull featured offline support

To enable full PDF forms functionality, such as a bi-directional data synchronization between PDF form fields and SharePoint columns, go to „Library settings”, then to „PDF Share Forms Enterprise Settings”.

Here you can choose form template and select the way you wish to use it. There are two options: Desktop or Mobile. Since mobile platform does not support any built-in scripts, form on the iOS or Android devices must be sent by e-mail manually. Now we can download the copy.

Please note, you can work with multiple copies of the form with different options simultaneously.

To have e-mail submission enabled, please check if incoming mails are enabled. Choose whenever you want to have original mail saved or not. Do not forget to save settings (I always do).

Now we need to check form settings. Select the form and Launch Designer on it. Click Settings button and check „Anonymous submit” option. Choose submission type.

If you plan to fill the form in the circumstances, where Internet is unavailable, choose „Submit by e-mail” option. If you wish to publish your form on organization’s homepage, you may prefer „Direct submit” option.

Please note, if you choose „Submit by e-mail” option, form data will be submitted directly if form opened and filled-in within the SharePoint site.

Now we are ready to save changes and deploy the form.

Watch how to create and deploy new form

form designerWhile sending filled-in form, Adobe Reader could ask, what type of e-mail we wish to use. It’s better to choose Desktop e-mail application. If you wish to use your Google or Microsoft online mailbox, than form will be saved locally and you must send it manually.



Form data in SharePoint libraryWhen mail with attached form arrives to the server, data will be disposed to SharePoint library automatically. Library record also contains original PDF file.

Now you do know how to enable PDF form for the e-mail, offline and mobile usage.




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