Did you ever dream about nice attractive form, which will be not only useful, but also easy to create? Did you ever hope that the form data will be automatically exposed to your database? Aren’t you tired with all this R.S.V.P.s, name changes, small but annoying mistypes? We have a solution for you!



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Award winning Ultimate SharePoint Form Solution

The most complete tool set and unprecedented level of PDF integration into the SharePoint 2010/2013 on premise. Running as a farm solution and reusing SharePoint Service Applications, Features and Deployment packages PDF Share Forms Enterprise can find an easy fit into even most complicated business scenarios. PDF Share Forms is the product that will help you to get your forms into your SharePoint fast and easy. It will allow you to reuse SharePoint infrastructure for form management, indexing and workflows and will not require much effort to get the form integrated.


Standard Word and PDF forms are plain and boring and you do want to add a sparkle to it, you do wish to attract your customers and partners… It is easy with Adobe InDesign, it is really easy with PDF Share Forms. Now we’ll learn how to create pretty forms in Adobe InDesign CS6 or earlier edition and deploy it to SharePoint library.

First, make a concept of form and create a design after that. When you have finished your graphical exercises, you’re ready to add form elements to the form. It is really easy with InDesign CS6. Choose Rectangle Tool (M) and draw your future text fields, radio buttons, etc. With the standard Type Tool (T) add text labels to the form elements.

When finished, open toolbar “Buttons and Forms” (Window → Interactive → Buttons and Forms). Select corresponding field (frame) and choose its type from the “Buttons and Forms” toolbar window. Type the name for this field and try to use clear and understandable words, so you can recognize what you meant. Choose other options, such as “Required”, “Read only”, etc, if needed.

Repeat procedure for every field. And you’re done! Wasn’t it really easy? Now just export this form to PDF and deploy it to the SharePoint library.

In case you do not have CS6, you still can make fancy forms with InDesign. After PDF export, open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro or PDF Share Forms Enterprise Designer. Drag interactive elements from the list, align, give names to the fields, and finish your form.

Watch video on how can you create fancy forms with Adobe InDesign CS6 or earlier edition and deploy it to the Microsoft SharePoint library.

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