There are numerous ways how to create a PDF file. If you have a bunch of files you wish to make PDFs, the most straight and easy is just to convert existing documents to PDF. You may find tons of different software for such conversion by simple googling. Even freeware. Even for SharePoint. Probably the most convenient way to create a PDF file is “Save as” option, which appears in the menu of Microsoft Word after you install Adobe Acrobat on your computer. Word itself has same feature as well. The best results could be achieved with professional desktop publishing software, such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. We won’t review profi’s choice and concentrate more on how could you avoid unnecessary hassles.

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While you probably need to save only one file as PDF, it is OK to use built-in “Save as” menu in your document editing programs. Sometimes you may face a problem if using some special or outdated software – it easily could not support anything but their own proprietary file format. In that case you may turn to… printing option.

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By installing special printing drivers, you can get possibility to save any document as a PDF by sending it to PDF printer. One of the best such solutions is PrimoPDF. Just install the software and PDF printer will be at your service in a minute. It also has conversion options.

Life hacks

One of the most important advantages of the PDF document is its cross-platform, device independent nature. PDF can guarantee you same look and feel of the original document as you saw it on your own computer. This is achieved by embedding fonts to the file. Meanwhile sometimes you have no license or right to use specific fonts. If document recipient doesn’t have the same installed on his PC, text could break and this will ruin whole your document. That’s why it is recommended to use standard fonts, such as Colibri, Times, Arial, etc. Or convert your text to outlines (curves).

Graphic elements are heavy, that’s why your final document could not be sent via e-mail in most cases. Start thinking about efficiency while you are editing original document. Do not include too big pictures in you documents if you do not have plans to print those. Simple resize will not reduce picture file size — you need to use image-editing software for that. Even Microsoft Paint is capable to cut, crop, and save as. Portable network graphic (PNG) or Joint photographic experts group (JPEG) are preferred.

Learn your PDF software options. For example, by playing with Adobe Reader Save as options, you can reduce final document file size up to ten times! Change image compression settings to JPEG2000, select sampling density to 72-96 ppi (if you do not plan to print and distribute printed materials). Unembed standard fonts, such as Calibri, Times, Verdana, etc. There is no need to redistribute fonts already existing almost on any computer in the world. Try other options if you need to optimize your document more.

pdf save as optionspdf save as options 5

pdf save as options 1

pdf save as options 2pdf save as options 3pdf save as options 4You could be interested to try alternative PDF software as well. We can recommend Foxit programs – they grow fast and make their solution more powerful with every next version.

Create a form

There are many of different ways how to create PDF form. When your are ready with your document, you can add all the interactive fields and elements to the form using Adobe Acrobat. This is a number one tool for the form creation. Alternatively you may use Adobe InDesign for that.

PDF Share Forms offers its own PDF form Designer for SharePoint. When PDF Share Forms solution is installed on your SharePoint servers, you can create new PDF forms using WYSIWYG editor.

PDF form edit PDF Share Forms Designer

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